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About Me

A Passion For Beauty

About our Owner, Connie Ware. Despite spending most of her career in the financial industry. Connie has always had a passion for the beauty industry, particularly esthetics. In Fact she feels called to this life. Although, Connie firmly, believes  beauty is in the eye beholder. She recognizes that our skin plays a major part in our confidence, so it is important to have healthy skin. Her personal quest to understand the science behind the beauty is what propelled her to learn as much as she could. Her findings were infectious and she couldn’t contain the things she learned, immediately she realized that not only would she be an esthetician, but also an educator.  So the Skin Academy was born. As an educator she’d be able to instill in future estheticians the importance of also becoming lifelong learners as they embarked upon their careers to effectively treat skin and empower others to embrace their beauty.


Before The Makeup Skin Academy is based on the belief that knowledge and the pursuit of higher education never ends. The esthetics industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. As the industry evolves, the need for highly trained, and knowledgeable estheticians continues to grow. As a post-graduate institution, we are committed to staying abreast to the latest techniques and the most effective treatments in the market.  Specializing in advanced treatments such as microneedling, skin resurfacing and dermaplaning. We believe it is our attention to the science behind the beauty, that sets our training courses apart. 

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